ColdTrace 5 Now Has WHO PQS Approval

ct_5ColdTrace 5 received Performance, Quality and Safety certification on July 20th, 2016 from the World Health Organization (WHO) and is now listed in the WHO’s PQS Catalogue as number E006/039. This certification is a significant step forward, as it gives national Ministries of Health an easier path to procuring and utilizing our ColdTrace technology to protect vital vaccines.

ColdTrace 5 is a wireless remote temperature monitoring (RTM) solution for refrigerators that are used to store vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products. The GSM-based ColdTrace 5 system goes far beyond temperature alerts and alarms. ColdTrace 5 also collects critical data and provides customizable analytics to empower health workers, inform country-wide maintenance strategy, and improve overall cold chain performance, resulting in a measurably increased ROI for immunization programs.

Nexleaf contributes chapter to Broken Pumps and Promises


Based on work developed in partnership with Project Surya, Nexleaf published a chapter in the book Broken Pumps and Promises available at Co-authored by Tara Ramanathan, Nithya Ramanathan, and Erin Ross, Chapter 11 “Innovations in Payments for Health Benefits of Improved Cookstoves” discusses how results-based financing for improved cookstove usage financially empowers women in rural communities.

Cisco ITU report features ColdTrace

A cisco-itunew report from ITU and Cisco identifies the Internet of Things (IoT) as a major global development opportunity that has the potential to improve the lives of millions and dramatically accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nexleaf’s ColdTrace vaccine monitoring system is featured as an innovative application of IoT to monitor and strengthen the “cold chain” delivery supply chain for vaccines in developing countries.

Read more below:

ITU Press Release

Full Report (PDF)

StoveTrace Wins M2M Aegis Graham Bell Award

aegis-graham-bellNexleaf is honored to have received the Aegis Graham Bell award for the StoveTrace M2M platform, jointly with Vodafone India and TERI – The Energy and Resources Institute, from Minister of State Jitendra Singh. It was also a very special honor to have our partner, Qualcomm Wireless Reach, receive the award on Nexleaf’s behalf.

StoveTrace uses Vodafone’s customized M2M platform to remotely upload data to our cloud servers, making information on improved cookstove use available in near real-time. This innovation helps stove distributors, stove manufacturers, and other stakeholders keep track of how often improved cookstoves are being used by the rural households that receive them. Furthermore, this innovation enables rural women to receive compensation for their reductions of emissions harmful to the climate. Learn more about StoveTrace here.

Nexleaf Wins a Tech Award

Nithya-tech-awards-laureates-smallOn November 12, 2015, Nexleaf Analytics received a Tech Award in the Sutter Health Category for ColdTrace at the 15th Annual Tech Awards Gala.  The Tech Awards are a program of the Tech Museum, and each year more than 1500 of Silicon Valley’s greatest thinkers and innovators attend the Gala to celebrate innovations that benefit the world.

Sutter Health is the sponsor of the category that included Nexleaf and PrePex as honorees. More information can be found in this wonderful post from Albert Chan at Sutter Health, or in the Tech Awards coverage from the San Jose Mercury News.

The Tech interviewed Nithya for this excellent and comprehensive article explaining ColdTrace, and they also produced a video profiling each laureate organization. You can watch Nexleaf’s video here:

FastForward Demo Day at Google!

Nexleaf has been honored to participate in this year’s Fast Forward Accelerator, the only one of its kind, promoting non-profit technology innovations. This year’s cohort featured a number of impressive teams creating technology for social good. With support from Blackrock, the team at Fast Forward put together a tremendous program of informational talks, one-on-one mentorship sessions, and the culmination: an opportunity to pitch to potential philanthropic funders at Google headquarters.

Watch our pitch here:

Martin Talks at CEGA on Resilient Communities

Although Nexleaf Co-Founder Martin Lukac has been spending a great deal of his time in India working on ColdTrace projects of late, he found time to travel to UC Berkeley to present at a CEGA event entitled “Technologies for Crisis Response & Resilience.” Martin’s talk, “Building Resilient Health Systems Through Remote Monitoring and Analytics,” focuses on how ColdTrace uses lean, robust technology to compensate where traditional physical infrastructure is lacking. Our technologies are designed to function in places where road conditions are poor and power availability is intermittent. When we innovate specifically for these environments, we increase the resilience of these remote communities, and we create robust, resilient technologies that perform better all over the world, including in the US.

Nithya Speaking at Google I/O

Nexleaf Co-Founder Nithya spoke at this year’s Google I/O, contributing her expertise and perspective to a panel session entitled “Tech for a Better World, Faster.” The panel was moderated by’s Jaqueline Fuller and included innovators from Code for America, charity: water, and HandUp.

Watch the full video of the panel here:

SE4All and UNEP Tout Black Carbon Methodology

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.48.28 AMOn May 20, 2015, Nexleaf President Nithya Ramanathan traveled to the United Nations for the Sustainable Energy for All Forum. As a representative of Nexleaf and Project Surya, Nithya helped announce the new Gold Standard Foundation methodology for valuing Black Carbon reduction on carbon markets. Black carbon is a component of soot, and it, along with brown carbon and other particulate matter emissions, contributes to global climate change at 3600 times the rate of carbon dioxide.

You can read more about this new methodology and the partners working to tackle black carbon while simultaneously combatting deadly household smoke in this article from the UNEP.